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Cyber-crushing on … Evelyn Perez: A Smile as Warm as Buenos Aries!

Well, my dear friends, I’ve started a new feature here at Food is Love / Fat is Freedom.   My goal, this time around, is to put the spotlight on a gorgeous feedee or gainer who I’ve encountered on the ‘net so I can tell you everything I know about her.  “Know” about her in the sense that I know a friend.

Do you get it?  I’m going to try to treat the focus of my sexual fetish as something more than an objectified piece of flesh.  Cyber Crushing is about humanizing my voyeuristic impulses.  As I’ve told you before, one thing that’s always troubled me about my obsession with things fat is that I tend to get myself worked up about women with whom I never would, and never could actually connect.  The Cyber Crush feature is my attempt to buck that miserable trend.  If I’m going to share my thoughts about a chubby chick it will be a chubby chick with whom I actually have some possibility of communicating.  My intention, in these posts, is to talk to all of you about a woman who’s genuinely captivated me, someone who’s been “staying in my mind”, someone — is there a better phrase for this? — for whom I’ve developed a “Cyber Crush”.

So, today I’m going to introduce you to my very first Cyber Crush and highlight an exquisite young lady from Argentina.  Her name is “Evelyn Perez” and she’s a fat lover’s dream.  She’s got a page on Facebook and you’ve got to figure I’m not the only one who’s noticed what a knockout she is.  For some reason, though, we’re Facebook “friends”.  Do you like the look of my pretty young “friend”?

How are you going to leave this behind?

How are you going to leave this behind?

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Paying Customer

As many of you know, I’ve recently become single after being married to my ex for twenty-three years.  My ex was a foxy fox and she blossomed from a svelt 135 pounds when we married to a heart pounding 320 pounds at her max.  It was really wonderful to snuggle in with all that soft womanliness.

It’s great being married to a big girl but, like a lot of wives, she was really down on the idea of her husband checking out pornos of younger or fatter ladies.  So I reined myself in on that score.

Things are different now and I figure I’m good to go on the matter of subscribing to fat porn.  I’m a respectful guy who didn’t want to disrespect his wife; but now that I have no wife to disrespect I’m in the position of being able to support the efforts of the hard working gals in the adult entertainment industry.

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Big-Kini Dreams

If I won the lottery or something; in other words, if I had money to burn, I’d open up an on-line store for women’s clothing and call it Big-Kini (or Bigkini) Fashions.  I suppose you can guess from the name (or from the fact that you read about Bigkini in a post on this blog!)  that our aim would be to provide fat girls with oodles and oodles of sexy and attractive clothes in larger sizes.  If we end up marketing a supply of clothes that well exceeds the demand, so be it.  The fantasy is that I’d have money to burn.  I wouldn’t have to worry about making a profit, so I could concentrate on what I really care about: which is the celebration (and promotion!) of female obesity.

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Itching to Get Started

** NOTE **  If the idea of a candid discussion about masturbation grosses you out, you really should skip this post.  Forewarned is forearmed!

I was already addicted to masturbation before I realized that anyone else in the world had stumbled upon the practice.  I was addicted before I even knew the word ‘masturbation’ — or even knew that there was a word for this thing I was doing and couldn’t resist doing again, and again, and again.

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