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Misunderstood and Maligned

I might have been born a feeder.  I can clearly remember, at the tender age of seven, getting a boner while watching a television depiction of a woman getting fat.  I didn’t realize, at first, what a weirdo that made me.  It wasn’t until later, when I was old enough to actually talk to other males about sex, that I learned how perverted my desires are.  Imagine me as a stupid kid, innocently mentioning the thrill I get whenever I hear about female weight gain.  Imagine the reaction I got from others!  I learned pretty fast that feederism is something you keep to yourself — a lesson which, unfortunately, only serves to sentence a young man to a life of isolation and shame.  It seems to me, looking back, that if I hadn’t been a feeder I might have been a happy, popular, sexually and emotional well adjusted person.  I might even have been able to have actual relationships with actual girls.


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