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There, that’s what I was talking about…

I’d like you all to at least know what I’m talking about when I talk about feederism on the ‘net.  I just watched a YouTube movie about a girl eating a cupcake.  I found the movie to be very gratifying!

Yet I want more!

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I always expect — and I think this is more than just paranoia — that people will hate me and be disgusted by me if I open up about my feederist fantasies.  Well, that’s they’re problem — or maybe that’s your problem.  My problem is learning how to stop beating up on myself for being a feeder.

Back when I was in my twenties, I was lucky enough to become intimate with a sweet, smart, affectionate, sexy woman of my own age.  Like just about every woman in America, weight was problematic for her.  She was 5 foot 5 and weighed 120 lbs, which probably doesn’t sound like much of a problem but it was.  “I have to starve myself all the time,” she told me, “or I gain weight — and whenever I gain, even if it’s just three or four pounds, everyone in my family notices.  ‘You’re getting fat’, they all say, ‘better lay off the potato chips’.  It makes me so mad!  It makes me want to eat a huge bag of potato chips in front of them.”

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Itching to Get Started

** NOTE **  If the idea of a candid discussion about masturbation grosses you out, you really should skip this post.  Forewarned is forearmed!

I was already addicted to masturbation before I realized that anyone else in the world had stumbled upon the practice.  I was addicted before I even knew the word ‘masturbation’ — or even knew that there was a word for this thing I was doing and couldn’t resist doing again, and again, and again.

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