How a girl like you can become big in the dessert world….

I’m a fifty nine

Hawaiian woman

Hawaiian woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

year old male, living in the United States.  I’m heterosexual.  Maybe I’m TOO heterosexual.  I’m looking for a lot of woman!

My goal is to use this space to make sense of myself and, hopefully, make sense of some other people as well.

I’m keeping my identity confidential because I don’t believe it’s safe, these days, to “come out”.

I’ve always know that fat women have attracted me.  Big, fat, flabby, obese — these words are hurtful in the “real world”, to me they define the women who turn me on.  I like women, I like fat women, I like fat women who get fatter, I like women who start off thin and then get fat.  It’s rare, but every now and then I hear about a fat woman who loves being fat, is proud of being fat, believes her fatness makes her sexy and who’s careful to add plenty of high calorie foods to her diet so she stays fat.  The kind of woman who feels complimented if you say, “Have you gained weight?”

For so many years I was alone.  I thought nobody else was like me (except the folks who appeared in my fantasies!)  When I thought I was unique I felt very, very ashamed.  Then I discovered that there actually were people who were Fat Admirers.  Then I discovered that I belonged to a subset of Fat Admires known as Feeders.  Then I figured out that whenever a Feeder or Feedee “came out” he or she was shamed and ridiculed more than any other kind of person short of a child rapist — some people probably hold child rapists in more esteem than they do Feeders.

I’m not a Feeder because I hate women.  I get no thrill out of anybody’s suffering.  I just think fat chicks are soooooooooooooo sexy.  So ladies, feel free to chow down.  Chow down, pig out, overeat, binge, indulge, go hog wild, stuff your face, burst those buttons, split those seams.  You look marvelous!  I’m not into anything but joy and happiness.  That’s what I want for myself.  That’s what I want for the women I admire.

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