Another Saturday Night…

OK, my dear friends, what would you do???

There’s this girl I like, let’s call her Vanessa.  That’s not what I call her IRL, because that’s not her name; but we’ll call her ‘Vanessa’ here.  OK?

I figured my hips were my best feature; but my boyfriend tells me the sexiest thing about me is my 'potential'.

I figured my hips were my best feature; but my boyfriend keeps saying it’s my ‘potential’.

So, it’s like this: I like Vanessa and she likes me.  Neither of us considers the other ‘sweetheart’ material; but she’s smart, and affectionate and fun to be with and; well, let’s put it this way: I could do a lot worse for company on a Saturday night!

Vanessa, let me assure you, is very pretty and, by conventional standards she’s quite shapely (which means, of course, that by my standards she’s ‘petite’.  Extra-petite, actually; but, like they say, beauty comes in all sizes!)

At any rate, I took Vanessa to a club last night.  Fine South American food, full bar, snazzy tropical ambience, live Latin music.  Good times, right?  Let me tell you, Charon’s Aide knows how to show a girl a good time!

What made the atmosphere even more pleasant was the presence of so many Plus Sized female diners.  The club’s entrees are famous for their extra-large portions (which is why Vanessa and I stuck to the appetizers) and there were plenty of lovelies there who looked liked they’d have no trouble cleaning their plates.

You get the picture, I’m sure.  Plenty of gals, packing plenty of curves.  Yummy!  The most interesting table of all was the one right behind us (which I could oogle while I pretended to be looking at Vanessa.)  Four super gorgeous girls, and none of them looked like she was a stranger to cream sauce. One beauty, however, really stood out from the rest of her competition.  I couldn’t help noticing, when she was struggling to squeeze into her seat, that she had an absolutely spectacular back cushion.  Once she got herself arranged as well as could be expected, I took note of the way her beautifully sexy face was set off by her well-endowed double chin.

This girl knew how to show herself off.  She wore a sleeveless top that supplied the admiring eye with the sight of two very generously dolloped upper arms.  Man!  I really have a thing for super soft, super sized arms and dimpled elbows.  Let me tell you, folks, this girl had it going on and she clearly knew how to ‘work it’.

I found myself daydreaming about this glorious vision even while I was chatting with Vanessa.  I tried to stop “thinking with my dick” as they say, and keep focused on the personable albeit slender woman I was actually with.  But it was really hard (Hey! get your mind out of the gutter!!)  to keep my eyes off the fantasy-come-to-life who was just a few feet away.  I found myself wondering whether she had a feeder and — if she didn’t — how I could apply for the job.

Vanessa, I should explain, had her back to these four buxom babes and, since she hadn’t noticed them being seated, had no idea she was as close as she was to so many all-stars of corpulence.  Eventually the girl I was particularly taken with had to excuse herself to use the bathroom and, as she waddled past, Vanessa’s jaw literally dropped.

“That lady is sooooooo fat!” Vanessa announced.

“She sure is,” I said, smiling.

Strangely, though, Vanessa wasn’t smiling at all.  In fact, her expression was all revulsion.

“That’s not healthy,” Vanessa said, shaking her head slowly.  “All that weight is a terrible strain on the heart.”  Vanessa placed her hand over her own heart; but I could tell she wasn’t actually concerned about the woman’s coronary health.

“Vanessa,” I said sternly, “you should never make a remark like that about another person’s weight.  It’s rude.”

“Rude?  Well, I think it’s rude to sit around stuffing your face and letting yourself get as big as her.”

Well, there went the whole evening!  I called for the check.

“I thought we were going to dance,” Vanessa objected.

“I’m sorry.  I thought we were going to make a night of it but I have a crushing headache.”  I had a headache all right, and Vanessa had given it to me!

Well, Vanessa was hurt and she must have known I had more on my mind than my “headache” when I drove her home in stoney silence.

“Is everything OK?” she asked, when I returned her to her house.

“Yeah,” I lied, “I just feel sick as a dog.”  (Not far from the truth, actually.)

So, as I said before, “What would you do?”  Should I just let Vanessa quietly recede out of my life, or should I call her up and give her a good ‘talking to’?

I’m all ears!

Be Happy,
Be Well,

Charon’s Aide

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8 thoughts on “Another Saturday Night…

  1. […] OK, my dear friends, what would you do??? There’s this girl I like, let’s call her Vanessa. That’s not what I call her IRL, because that’s not her name; but we’ll call her ‘Vanessa’ here. OK? I figured my hips were my best feature; but my boyfriend keeps saying it’s my ‘potential’. So, it’s like thi … Alerts Mashup […]

  2. If she keeps away from you from now on, I’d suggest just leaving it and letting her exit your life quietly. If she tries to talk to you again for whatever reason, though, then I reckon it might be time for that stern talking to.

    • charonsaide says:

      Good Advice!

      Vanessa’s not stupid. I don’t think she expects another call from me and she probably figures (rightly!) calling me will put her on the fast track to rejection. I don’t relish the thought of getting on my high horse to lecture her (or anyone) about body shaming.

      I don’t think she’s a bad person, just a product of the culture — I just don’t have it in me to wage war against the society.

      Which brings up another issue: should I only ask fat girls for dates, or would that just be reverse prejudice?

      Be Happy,
      Be Well,

      Charon’s Aide

  3. doctorfeeder says:

    Vanessa’s wrong: Overeating and becoming fat (as your dream girl did) is not rude.

    You’re wrong too: Making a private comment about a third party (as Vanessa did) may be snarky but it’s not rude.

    Incidentally, gaping at another woman while you’re out with Vanessa (as you did) is rude.

    I think you should forget about Vanessa unless you can call her up and tell her the truth: anti-fat remarks tend to upset you. It would also be nice if you could apologize to her for aborting the date after promising to take her dancing.

    But why bother? It sounds like the two of you are not on the same page at all.

  4. charonsaide says:

    Thanks for your comments, doctor. If you charge me with the “crime” of paying attention to what’s going on around me when I’m out in the world I’ll have to plead guilty and throw myself at the mercy of the court.

    Wouldn’t matter if you’re my date, or my friend, or my mother, or the man in the moon. If you’re out with me I’ll make sure you’re not going to feel ignored or disrespected; but I simply don’t give anything my 100% undivided attention when I’m in a public space. I make it my business to be aware of my environment.

    If I’m ‘rude’ for paying attention to what’s going on around me, what do you call people who are in their own world when they’re out and about? You’ve seen ’em — ear pods in, texting, walking into traffic without looking. Sadly, there aren’t ENOUGH rude people like me — making sure their “head is in the game”….

    Be Happy,
    Be Well,

    Charon’s Aide

    • doctorfeeder says:

      Of course you can look at other women when you’re out, but the way you described it sounded like you went a bit overboard. But I wasn’t there, and won’t make a determination in this case. If you say you weren’t rude, you weren’t.

      > what do you call people who are in their own world when they’re out and about?

      That can be rude too.

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